Just A Wednesday Post


First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you readers for appreciate my previous entry (the Prezi one) , also giving me the opportunity to contribute or sharing anything in this virtual medium. It is such an honour and don’t forget, a support for me in being a good writer although I’m not so good in English. Well, I’m just trying to learn and will keep learning until I am an expert in this language. All my life, I’m trying to find something like a hobby or maybe obsession for myself. I want to find something that  I really love and excited about. Now, I found it. It is writing. I love to write both in the computer or by hand. I just brighten up when I see my own handwriting. I don’t say that I have a nice handwriting but some people said that. Am I self-praising here?

Just a simple post today but I am so grateful that my phone is now back to normal. If you refer to my post before, my phone got a virus infection if seen to the problems and it was totally stressful. The boredom strikes when I have to use my old phone ; I mean like not a touch-screen one which brings to — no Android anymore. No Instagram, Hay Day, Whatsapp and others. It is sounds like I’m an internet maniac but truly, I’m not that critical. I still got my notebook with a WiFi connection yet can keep updating my WordPress, right?

Now, that was all over and I must keep an eye to my phone with an extra care. I’ve installed an Anti-Virus also a Clean Master to keep my phone in a safety condition. I must resist the urges to install too many games and applications because I’ve experience like this before — my Nokia phone having the same problem and cannot be saved after referring to a phone expert. I don’t know why I love to install too many apps. Sometimes, I just feel boring with the same wallpaper and I keep changing it over and over again. Same with the launcher. I’ve tried Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, Tw Launcher, Nova Launcher and the latest one Smart Launcher.


This is the one I’m currently using, Smart Launcher. It really catches my first impression when I saw it on Play Store. What I really love about it is the simpleness and well-organized. In this picture is the desktop. Simple but elegant, right? You like the theme? I’m using Stamped Pink. You can downloaded it in Play Store. As you can see here, it already have a clock also the date so you don’t have to install or download any clock widgets. Already safe some spaces in your phone. Don’t forget, you also can add any apps as many as you want in the desktop and it will come out like in the picture above.


Here is the applications. This is why I called it is well-organized. All your apps have been categorized according to types. As you can see in this picture, this is in a Communication category. Other categories after are Internet, Games, Media, Utility and Settings. It’s easy, right? Usually you have to keep sliding to find what apps you’re looking for although you already make a folder but in Smart Launcher, no more sliding. Just click on the icon. Other special features about this launcher is you can move any apps in any categories also you can set it as hidden apps. In addition, you also can change the icon for your apps. Just download an icon packs in Play Store. Simple and easy.

I’m not receiving any commission for reviewing this launcher but I just love to share something that I think the worth one to be used by others. Maybe I can write a post about useful Android apps later so that you can keep using your phone in a better condition without any risks. I’m not an Android expert but I like to try and error so that we can learn what is good and what is bad.

See you in the next entry ❤




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