Underestimated Jobs


Firstly, I would like to wish Salam Nisfu Syaaban to all Muslims. Just to be clear, Ramadhan is just around the corner. I rather be ready for this noble month soon and today I’m so grateful that I’m fasting for Nisfu Syaaban. Also, to replace my last year’s fast. Woman huh? Lets talk about today’s entry shall we?

Actually this topic come across my mind very often. Its just like I really want to give my opinion about this and that’s why I’m having this blog to express all of them also to reprimand our society about bad impressions and all that kind of stuffs. Sometimes its just to rough to judge other people’s life. We don’t know how hard and tough their life is compared to us. Some people only know to give negative impressions or comments to someone who they actually do not know very well. This is naturally not a human behaviour.

Seriously talking, in this world nowadays, negativity beats positivity. I’m not talking about Chemistry or battery charges here but I’m telling you the truth about what is actually happening in this era. This include with the type of jobs around the world. I’m not going to use holistic approaches but only in Malaysia. Yeah, because I’m a Malaysian and this is my point of view.

There are so many underrated jobs around Malaysia that we can look for. With the low wages, poor working environment, and sometimes do not get any leave, I’m really sure these people become the most diligent, persistent and committed persons in the world. We always underrate this kind of job but on the other hand, these are the most honourable one.

1) The Newspapers gang

From what I know, these people have to work early in the morning to deliver all the newspapers to the stores. Before that, they have to make sure that all the newspapers have been printed perfectly from the factory. Imagine how many thousands of newspapers bunches must be collected on time to be delivered? Sometimes the latest news are received to the editors on the midnight so what does it mean? Yup. No matter of time. You work on any time when you’re needed. Its really hard. Using all the energy and strength, carrying thousands and thousands newspapers from the factory into the transports. Then, again, to the stores. We don’t see these people working right on our eyes but they do deserves our respects and appreciation. Without them, you might not be able to see the latest result for World Cup. I know you can watch them on the news but what about people who don’t have a TV?

2) Sewage Plant Workers

Euwww will be the first word, right? Honestly, I don’t have any information about this kind of work but you’ll get it. I know its all about the discards, trashes, dirty fluids and don’t forget ; microorganisms. (Don’t you forget Imma Microbiology student). BUT without their presence, can you imagine what would happened? Yeah, something bad. No more reverse osmosis system and all that. More discards day by day until there are overloaded. Maybe some of you think ; What the hell? Those processes are managed by all the machines. BUT who controlled them? Neither a penguin nor a platipus. Its HUMAN. I really think these workers deserves gratitudes from the community. Its not like when your friends’ dad or any of their relatives works there, you will tell them ; I bet your dad must be super stinks when he get back from work because he works with shit. Please don’t do this. No more Euwww, okay 🙂

3) Janitors/Cleaners

I realized this job during my practical session in Hospital Sg Buloh. Seriously, I never know about this job. I mean like the name of the job — Janitors. It is more to a cleaner and to be more professional, persons who take care of buildings such as hospitals, schools etc. It is more advance compared to a sweeper. They come under a company and works everyday including sweeps, tidying things up, throw out all the garbage. One more our society’s problem is when we see these people are doing their job, a few thoughts must come across our mind.

This is the result if you are being so lazy during your adolescent time. No, its not just that. He/She must be very dumb in school. Or maybe, his/her dad must be the king of gambler plus his/her mother is a drunkard. That’s why he/she become so poor thus doesn’t has any qualifications to get a better job.

The devils are having tea time inside your head if this is what you think when you see them working. You don’t know them very well, also their lives. Maybe that is the only thing they could do to support their family. Maybe that is the only strength they have. Never judge them, alright? Without them, there will be dirty places everywhere. You don’t want to use smelly toilets with disgusting dirty stains, right? So, shut up. Just mind your own business. Quite emotional here 😛

4) Gardeners

The concept is the same as the cleaners but more to landscapes management. Yeah, its just a gardeners. Playin’ with all the plants, bushes, flowers and grasses. We think it is a simple job to do because of the salary. New hypothesis received ;

The smaller the wages value, the simpler the job is.

Either it is true or not, you decide. Same as before, to think towards the positive one, just imagine their absence. What would happened? Is it bad or what? Think.

5) Watchman/Guards

I don’t really what actually the name of this job but I will describe some of it. We do know what security guards do. Keep the safety of the places where they work. Same with people who works as ‘penjaga tandas’ or in English maybe a toilet watchman or guards, maybe? You get it, right? People who collect money or pennies from people who want to use toilets. I’m sure there are so many people out there who underestimate this kind of job but for me its still a noble job. Whatever it is, its still a halal and legal. Have you ever think that this job might be able to help unlucky people including the handicaps, tramps and poor people? That’s why I think it is one of the wonderful job.

6) Labor

Is it labor or labour? Naahh. It doesn’t matter. Also, want to emphasize that it is not the child labor but it is about hard physical work. I have a friend who works as one. From what I see, he’s being very committed with his job. Why I’m giving my respect to him is because he is very independent and ambitious even he must do lots of work like painting, making some adjustment or extra parts for the roads, selling products etc. He has a dream which is want to buy luxurious car or house for his own future-family. It is kind of an attraction right when you see a man who working so hard for a better life?

These are the only job that I can think of. I know there are other hundreds types of low-level jobs around. Whatever job you got, how many salary you’ve been paid, never ever forget who you are in the first place. The world is only temporary and has its own limit. Be careful with your thoughts, talks and judges about others. The most important is your sincere level in what you’re working with. Sometimes, the worst is the best in others lives. ❤

p/s : I’ve been using ‘noble’ too much. Lack of vocabs. Sorry 😛




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