7 Things Sheldon Cooper and I Have In Common


Before I proceed, I would like to emphasizes that its just all about the characterization which I think quite the same as mine. For those who do not know who Sheldon Cooper is, just take your time to googled him and of course to all the fans of The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), would know him really well. Its one of the famous sitcom on CBS besides How I Met Your Mother which is also great to be watched. If you asked me how I’m gonna rate this, yeahhh. I would give more than 5 stars! I love TBBT because it is so freaking awesome and and the comedy — HILARIOUS. Its now already in Season 8, I think. It is full with the sciences stuffs, facts, humour, friendships and more. Comedy and sciences. Perfect combination isn’t it?

These are the reasons why I think I have the same character as he’s (but not totally the same, okay. That would be a terrible coincidence :P)

Sheldon Cooper

1) A geek

I’m not really sure what is my character but maybe more to the nerds (physically). I really thought I’m one of the stereotypical geek because of my image or personality. Wearing glasses with the old-fashion hijab style matched with loose tops. Some may think that I’m the queen of nerds just because of that. Well, Sheldon is a total geek but way worst than me. Hahaha.

2) Admired preparedness and organizing.

Sheldon loves to get all stuffs organized including his clothes, time to sleep, time to go to the bathroom, everyday’s menu and others. Get so attached to his daily routine that he absolutely can never change it, like ever. This one time, I realized that I’m the same as him. Wow. Not-so-perfect coincidence maybe. Hahaha. Well, he is extremely annoying with his behaviour all the time but not me. Please don’t get me wrong. The point is I’m a person who loves all things to be perfectly planned. For example, matching the clothes with hijabs. For me, the colour must be suitable and stays in the fashion track. You get it? I want them to be perfectly match or else I will googled the perfect colour combinations as the solutions for my attire. Sounds complicated, right? but that’s me 😛 Also, I love to pack my stuff earlier if I want to go somewhere. A week before I guess? 😛

3) Closure

If you watched The Big Bang Theory, Episode 21 in Season 6, you’ll get it. I guess I’m having some closure issue but not so critical like Sheldon. Closure means when a person having the desires for a firm answer to a question and an aversion toward ambiguity or in the simple words — cravings for the final answer. Its just like when you started running, you want it to be finished or else you will go crazy. Sometimes, I’m having this situation like when I watched a movie, I’ll make sure that I’ll watch it to the end and no skipping on the scenes. Same goes to the games. Play, play and play till I win and unlock all the levels but only for certain games, not all of them. One more thing, its because maybe I’ve been trained to live in scheduled life (put the blame on hostels) during my high school and diploma, thus I’ll get everything planned ; what time should I wake up, take a bath, eat and some more. Am I that organized? Pheww.

4) Drive? Nope.

Until now, I don’t have my driving license because I’m too scared to drive. I feel so distracted with all the gears, mirrors, the clutch, accelerator and brakes. I am a paranoid queen. When I take a step to drive, all I think is about accidents, car crashed, the burglars, how to park my car perfectly if it is too big, what I’m going to do if I got a problem with my car in the middle of the road because the people would be mad and pushing their horns non-stop, what if I bumped into a motorcycle or something and more. Now do you believe me that I’m one of the member of paranoid club? Gimme five, Dr. Cooper!

5) Science lover

I’m a microbiology student and back to my alma mater, I was a science school student. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist. Should I write more?

6) Awkward in social situations

For my observation, Sheldon don’t like to socialize with people and I remembered one of the dialogue ;

” I love everything that replace human interactions “

which he refers to the gadgets–technologies. He really abandoning the real social life between people face to face unless using the technologies but I’m not like that. I just feel awkward when there are too many unknown people around me. I don’t know how to start a conversations with them and finally I choose to sit silently but with people I know, I communicate pretty well. Introvert rules 😛

7) Avoid caffeine

I’m not a caffeine lover but still can drink it — not regularly. Sheldon don’t like coffee at all. He thinks he is doing drugs if he take them. Sounds crazy. Haha.

There are many other things if you want to act like Sheldon (but maybe with less annoying behaviour, please.) and what I love about him is he always come up with brilliants ideas, quotes and sayings. He’s a genius! Wish could have eidetic memory like him ❤

To watch The Big Bang Theory online — click HERE



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