Spending time or wasting time?


Its been almost 4 months I enjoyed my break from the last day of my internship in Sungai Buloh. Honestly, I missed those days. It was a wonderful experience that I would never ever get from any places and I really enjoyed it (although there were some problems in the journey). Seriously speaking (Ah, I know I’m just typing right now), in that 3 months period, I never going back home for even once. Yeah, I’m not homesick-crying-all-the-time-because-you-misses-home that kinda person. Some friends just classified me as a heartless person and few has labelled me ; Mysterious. I’m not going to be mad for those labelled thingy because this is me. The real me. Expressing my interior feelings are not in my books and that is not the point.

Some friends are now enjoying their breaks by having a job including my super-special friend who is a boy (you know what I mean) 😛 and me — just staying at home. My everyday routine is make sure the rice is cooked before my parents come back from work. You know what does it mean? Yeahh. I do the chores ; sidai baju, basuh pinggan, angkat baju. But that is not lot of work as there are no kids around so the house is cleaned like every time. Yay me.

Do you think my break is badly spent? Hmm. I guess I’m just wasting my time around the internet and games. Don’t forget the movies also. 😛 I think this is only the choice I have and I will be continuing my study for degree soon. So why not I just appreciate this long break so much (especially with my bed <3).

I must prepared for my degree soon but what preparation do I have to make? I guess nothing for this moment. 😛 Well few days ago, my special friend and I had a conversation on YM – I guess I’m not outdated or oldschool. When we get bored, we just applied the Doodle theme and start draw anything. I’ve requested to him to draw Pusheen the Cat. You know, right? The cutest brown cat with a blob shaped I think. Ahh, just search it on the Google. Hehe.


There it is. Pusheen in doodle. I’m quite impressed with his art work. Nice job, bebeh. I really love it. You can see that he has the best sketch compared to me — all I know is just draw a coconut tree. Lol 😛  Thanks ❤

I’ll make sure that I spend my time with something useful afterwards. Maybe improving my English Language ; vocabulary and grammar mistakes. Also cleaned my bedroom — I just did with the vaccum cleaner this morning. Don’t forget my current obsession or my I called addiction — Hay Day game. :p Looks like I’m going crazy with it.


I guess, Pusheen is right 😀



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