Why why why?


2 or 3 days ago my handphone got stuck on the restart process. It was like when you push the power button, the Samsung logo popped out as usual and then the model number ; GT-S7500. The problem is the phone is off afterwards and the logo will come out again. It was ON OFF like so many times and it keeps vibrating for about 2-3 seconds non-stop. A big problem of mine.

I don’t know why but I keep waiting until the phone’s screen is on and when it is on, it keeps vibrating just like before. From my observation, there’s something unusual like,

  • Notification toggle – completely disappeared (totally stressfull)
  • No SD card detected — ARGHHHH!
  • Cannot install any applications — H O R R I B L E !
  • When there’s an incoming call, it keeps on ringing but no popup screen to answer that call.
  • When there’s a text message, its keep vibrating like crazy (can you imagine a phone with a non-stop vibration??!!)

I’ve tried to reboot it but there is no changes at all — remain unchanged. Maybe it comes from the virus? but I’ve installed an anti-virus inside my phone and I scanned all the apps and programs like everyday = totally no risk or threat detected.

I would like to leave this question KIV and let the expert to give me the answer soon.

One more thing, those who want to reboot or hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus just like mine, check this video out but make sure you have made the back up for your files (photos, music etc etc) as it will completely clean your phone like straight away from the factory.


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