3 entries in a row? Impressive. Hahaha. Just want to share my last Saturday date with the twins, Athilah and Athirah. We’re just finished our diploma and we’re the only who are in the super-long break now — break before degree session in September, insyaAllah. So that is why it was just us in the small reunion this time.

It was quite a long time we didn’t meet as before this we have so much things to settle before finishing our studies. There is some catch up to do. I have to mention here that we had make a few plans to meet but there is always something that blocked. Just enjoy the pictures of the day or #POTD. Lol 😛


Forgive me for the poor resolution pictures. No HD filter in our phones 😛

Please solve this : Which one is Athilah and Athirah? 😀

Hope we can do this more often and of course with the other half — Aini, Fina, Huzer, Hanah, Syu, Hawa, Zack, Baie, Elly 😀 ❤




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