Happy Teachers Day


Now, I’m trying to catch up what happened for the last few days because the internet won’t allow me to update. Last Friday was the most amazing day for those people who choose teaching as their profession. Whatever it is we still called them a teacher. Well my parents are teachers for like most 20++ year I think. They do have a lot of experiences in handling students (especially the naughty one) and I believe they have very good memory in remembering stuffs (it is unbelievable as they’re now in the 50s) .

As their daughter, I also enjoyed Teachers Day — in the meaning of this


Those were my mom’s. A lot of gifts huh? My dad just got like five presents. This matter really got me in the nerve and make me came out with a hypothesis.

When the students age increases, the presents for teachers will decreases.

Something like that. You know what I mean right? But it is really not a big deal because the secondary school students are in a phase that we called maturation process which we learn about appreciation in other way other than gifts and presents. 🙂

Continue with the presents, this year, mugs is the majority given by the students. My mom got like 10 mugs and all of them are so adorable like super super cute. Other gifts that I like the most was Cadbury’s chocolate with almond and cheese cake. It was extremely delicious! Fyi, Imma big fan of chocolate 😛

This moment really keep me remembered during my primary. I miss the old days. This one time when my dad made a few key chains as the presents plus with sentimental values I put inside them. Memorable :’)

Happy Teachers Day to all teachers in the world (including Mr Experience because experience is the best teacher isn’t it?)



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