I’m not a member in the ‘Confidence Club’ but I wish I can. This is one of the biggest or may I say the largest problem of mine. The only thought that came to my mind is genetics. The inheritance don’t allow me to get those ‘confidence’ genes inside my DNA. Why? Its just because my sister is like having tons of that genes, like a gazillion and so whatever. When I asked did she has stage fright, the answers is,

” Entahla. Adik tak tau pun rasa nervous tu camne”

Sounds crazaayy to me but I have to make some changes. Maybe I can build a platform or batu loncatan to get rid of this problem. Later on, my du’a was been answered. Alhamdulillah :’)

Back in my high school, I’ve been selected out of the blue for public speaking in an assembly. It was a very stressful moment because the selection was being done with a lucky draw (not so lucky I guess). Deeply in my heart, I feel like wanna cried out loud or maybe the best way; SCREAM. This situation was very disturbing at that time cause it took out all of my focus on my homework and studies. Put the blame on who??

But I must say that this is the most magical moment which gives me an awesome experience that will not be forgotten for the rest of my life. With all the helps from my friends, finally I got the topic for that speech. What was it? Its Facebook. Yeah, I will stand in front of the audience and talk about social network. Spreading the courage am I? That was just because I didn’t want anybody to get bored so easily as I have flat-sound voice and minimum volume. LOL

Proud moment :)

Sorry for the picture. It was taken unexpectedly thus makes me un-photogenic. As you can see, I didn’t wear my glasses. Why? Its one of my way to boost my confidence level! With the blurry vision, I can’t see all people’s faces also I can’t see they looking straight forward to my face especially couples of scary-judging eyes from the teachers.

For the comments, I really want to thank teacher Nasirah as she was the one who gave positive comments about my speaking session. I felt so great at that time because I have friends who really care about me and give so much support until today. Thanks guys 😀

Result : Confidence level — 30% boosted (from 10%)



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