Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me the name of the designer whose label is sewn on your clothes. Tell me you’re comfortable inside your skin.

Don’t tell me the price you paid for your car. Tell me you’re grateful to have transportation.

Don’t tell me the size of your house. Tell me the grandeur of the harmony inside your home.

Don’t tell me how many people you know. Tell me how much you treasure your best friend.

Don’t tell me your dreams. Tell me the steps you’re taking to make them come true.

Don’t tell me your destination. Tell me the intricate details of the scenery along your path.

Don’t tell me you care about world peace, global hunger or the declining health of our environment. Tell me what you’re doing about it.

Don’t tell me how much you’re loved. Tell me how much you’re capable of loving.

Actions are better than words.

Lesson taken.

# Included in one of my greatest compilation.



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