Right now with bedak sejuk all over my face,  I’m thinking what exactly I want to put in this first post. I just want to tell you that I have some experiences in blogging before because I just love to write. I mean like expressing feelings and stories also sharing interesting tips or facts in this kind of medium. Before this, I’ve had numbers of blogs which are not so successfully written cause the laziness don’t let me to proceed. I think because I am not fully sincere to write them plus I don’t have enough time to keep them updated regularly (or just me that love to waste time by playing games and watching movies? haha).

I want a fresh start and I’ll begin with this. I want to make some changes from now on. A better change.

I would like to express my gratitude to some people that have inspired me a lot to write in this new environment. Writing in English has been my dream and I hope I can brushed up my vocabs and improve my grammatical errors. I will try my best to keep this one updated with interesting stuffs.

Please accept my apology for my poor-grammar entries.



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